Watched this film called FATSO! today. Of course, if it is associated with my favorites like Rajat Kapoor, Gul Panag, Ranvir Shorey, I had to see it, irrespective of the reviews.

I have been extremely devoted to Rajat Kapoor’s films right from his Raghu Romeo. I guess he uses the film media to express himself and share his interests and explore new themes not-too-mindful of their ‘commercial’ outcome. Anyways, cut to the movie.

Fatso_2012_posterFATSO! is a simple comedy with a bit of romance thrown in. Boy loves Girl and they are about to be married. A fat guy is a common friend along with another couple. However, even before getting married, the boy dies and is taken to the Dead Guys office. (This is the interesting part and humorous). They come to realise that the ‘boy’s life was taken away by mistake (clerical error) and he couldn’t be sent back as his body has already been cremated. After a lot of appealing and discussions, the boy goes back onto the earth and starts dwelling in the FAT guy’s body (Yeah, that’s why its called FATSO!). How the FAT guy makes the ‘girl’ love him and have a happy ending forms the latter part.

It’s a light-hearted comedy but for me, the highlights were the Death Office (or whatever you call it) – with the entire setup like a Government office with lot of files, GM Saab, Regional Manager Saab, Chai, papers, long queues, very old Fans with the British-style switches, etc. were all funny. There was a scene in the climax that I kinda resonated with when the FATSO! talks about the things he love – almost everything! I absolutely could connect to that. Nice!

Depending upon region, the film can be watched on YouTube