Stampede at Maha Kumbh Mela

While reports differ on the count of the lives lost (ranging from 10 – 30) due to stampede at the ongoing Maha Kumbh Mela, apparently, the most auspicious day of which was yesterday, 10 Feb 2013, there is little doubt that at least a few lives are lost.

Agreed that this is one of the largest human congregations ever if not THE largest, we as Indians take pride in this event gaining world’s attention –  such as Harvard university doing a case study, for example.

We have had several instances of people being killed in stampede over the past – with a congregation much lesser than what we see at the Maha Kumbh – and the planning authorities must have taken this possibility into account before planning the facilities.

I wouldn’t be surprised if the authorities come up with an explanation to the effect of, “because we have arranged so much, the loss of lives could be contained and limit to 10 (or 30, depending upon which source you are reading). Else, it could have been well over __.”

Do we ever change? Could we ever dream of a time when this kind of event, which happens once in several decades (I am told Maha Kumbh happens once in 144 years), is executed flawlessly – without loss of lives. Whether or not we believe in religion or brush the entire event as a mere superstition, since the majority of the Indian society believes in it and takes part, it is our responsibility to provide a better environment – safety and sanity taking the top-most priority.