Memories in March (2010)

Reverence is what I predominantly have for Bengal, Bengali culture, Bengali films, Bengali Literature and Rituparno Ghosh is someone who is right on top of the list. So, when I stumbled upon this film on YouTube called “Memories in March” where he acted, how could I resist? In fact, I never knew that Rituparno Ghosh ventured into acting too.. and what a blessing it is for all of us!

This English-Hindi-Bengali film is set in Kolkata, where a young ad executive dies in an accident while driving late in the night after excessive drinking in an office party. This film is a journey his divorced mother takes from Delhi to Kolkata and who his son is extremely close to. She discovers that he was gay too, which she can’t come to terms with.

Deepti Naval, Rituparno Ghosh and Raima Sen are the main (and only!) characters this drama revolves around. Rituparno Ghosh was splendid as Sid’s (the dead guy’s name) partner. Even the slightest gestures were so naturally done that you can absolutely fall in love with the character. There were many outstanding scenes – especially Sid’s mother confronting Arnab on seducing his son and Arnab’s reaction and another one on top of my mind is when Raima resigns and Arnab’s reaction in front of Deepti Naval.

Wonderful film. Depending on your region, can be watched on YouTube.