2 Guys 3 Girls and a Mad Professor

Way back in 2004, one of my friends, M, was reading this book and has asked me to read it as well but this somehow didn’t happen. While M and I got busy with our lives, sometime in 2010, M suddenly started craving for it and I tried my best to find it everywhere but to no avail. At last, I decided to mail Himalaya Publishing who were the original publishers. Their reply didn’t seem encouraging one bit and they had no clue what this book was. Strange!

Meanwhile, M couldn’t believe his luck when he found a second-hand edition (I doubt if it’s second, though) in some old book shop. He re-read it and promptly posted it to me. The familiar coverpage brought nostalgia, of course. And the antiquity of the book made it look precious than it is but however much I tried, I couldn’t get myself to go beyond 15-20 pages. Maybe my lack of advanced English vocabulary has got something to do with it…

Now that I finished reading, here are a few thoughts on the experience

Yes, I laboured through the first few pages but once I started, it was good. I thoroughly enjoyed the chaos and confusion, which has been perpetual. At times, too much confusion. Every character in the book is a typical ‘sanki’ or ‘krack’ fellow, if you know what I mean. Few characters who seem normal turn out to be ‘manipulators’ and the remaining are just ‘dumb’. There were many instances I couldn’t help control my laughter, especially when Prof’s brother-in-law enters the scene.

Nice work from Dr.Ravi Godse. There were a few sentences I had to re-read to understand and get the full-effect of what is being said. I loved it all through.